Business Associates and eCornell

House members of The Cornell Club-New York may nominate Business Associates for membership in the Club. To do so, members must endorse a membership enrollment form which is to be completed by the Business Associate who is applying for membership.

If you were a Member of The Cornell Club in the past and would like to reinstate your membership, please click the reinstatement application link for a downloadable, reinstatement application. After completion, please fax (212.986.9543), scan and email ([email protected]) or mail the application to us.

Business Associate Membership Annual Dues & Fees

Years out of College* Age Equivalent Annual Dues
Less than four 21-24 $313
Four-Six 25-27 $472
Seven-Nine 28-30 $704
Ten-Eleven 31-32 $1,034
Twelve or more 33+ $1,549
* Years since graduation from undergraduate institution, whether or not it was Cornell University.
** Non-College graduate applicants: use age equivalent as graduation year. Assumes graduation would have been at age 21.

The Initiation Fee is 100% of the first year’s dues and is a one-time, non-refundable fee, in addition to the first year’s dues.

Where applicable, the Reinstatement Fee is 50% of the first year’s dues and is a one-time, non-refundable fee.

All dues, Club charges and the Initiation Fee (and Reinstatement fee, where applicable) are subject to New York Sales Tax, currently 8.875%.