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Led by Executive Chef Michael Rizzo, The Club offers both al a carte and private dining. Our Big Red Kitchen (BRK) page includes Issues of BRK Recipe Books. Each issue features recipes from our kitchens and guest chefs along with cooking & entertaining tips, drinks. Meet our chefs, vendors, winemakers, and incredibly talented alumni we collaborate with on some of our favorite programs!

Issue #3 Featuring:

Lucky Bites - "Dessert Dip"

Main Street Meats - "Wild Boar Carnitas"

Coach Farm - "Goat Cheese Pizza"

The Big Red Kitchen Issue #3

Issue #2 Featuring:

Cornell Reunion Special - "Hot Truck!"

Main Dish & Side Options - "Roasted Chicken & Vegetables"

Desserts - "Nonna's S Cookies"

The Big Red Kitchen Issue #2

Issue #1 Featuring:

Appetizer - "Chef Rizzo's Classic Crab Cakes"

Main Dish & Side Options - "Big Red Tap & Grill Meatloaf"

Desserts - "The Club's Own Apple Cobbler"

The Big Red Kitchen Issue #1