An elegant dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Cayuga Room is a charming and intimate space for dining and entertaining. Careful consideration is always made for lighter and healthier preparations at affordable prices.

The Cayuga Room for dining and entertainment at The Cornell Club - NYC




  • Monday-Friday: 7:00am 9:30am
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7:30am 10:30am


  • Monday-Friday: 12:00pm 3:00pm


  • Monday-Friday: 5:30pm 9:00pm

Summer Hours

  • Closed for lunch and dinner Friday, May 26th and will re-open on Tuesday, May 30th

  • Closed Friday, June 30th  and will re-open on Tuesday, July 5th

  •  Closed for dinner every Monday and for lunch and dinner every Friday starting Friday, July 1st

  •  Closed for lunch and dinner Friday, August 18th and will re-open on Tuesday, September 5th