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You're invited to schedule a complimentary training session with Norman Bey, Director of Health & Fitness! 

Restarting your exercise routine can be difficult, but Norman Bey, Director of Health & Fitness is here to help! Ask yourself why it's important for you to get back to a regular exercise routine. Are you interested in working out again because of health concerns, body composition changes, or weight loss goals? Or are you interested in a future athletic event, like skiing that requires base training? 

  1. First and foremost, remember to be kind to yourself and set reasonable goals. Rather than jumping in head-first, start slowly.

  2. Write down your goals so you can check back on your progress (or setbacks).

  3. Add variety to your workout schedule.  Trying new things can help combat boredom with repetition. Trying new things will also keep your body guessing, so you don't hit a performance or results plateau.

  4. Consider a personal trainer.
    Personal trainers can help you focus on form, build a progressive training program, and play a role in keeping you on track.

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