House Rules

Members and guests always appreciate the friendly, welcoming environment, while respecting The Club’s many customs and traditions.

Hours of Operation

  • The Cornell Club-New York is open seven days a week from 7:00am-11:00pm.
  • Entry is limited to registered guests after 11:00pm.

Guest Rooms

  • Reservations are honored in the order received.
  • Reservations are binding unless cancelled by 4:00pm the day prior to arrival.
  • Room rates are charged when cancellation is late or the reservation is not honored.
  • Guest rooms are rented to Members, their guests, and members of reciprocal clubs.
  • Members of reciprocal clubs must present a letter of introduction and membership card upon arrival.
  • Guests of members from reciprocal clubs must be accompanied by the reciprocal club member and must establish method of payment upon arrival.
  • Members are ultimately responsible for charges incurred by sponsored guests.
  • Check-in is 4:00pm and checkout is 12:00noon.
  • Guests who do not check out by 12:00noon are subject to additional charges.
  • All guest rooms are non-smoking. Violations subject to a fine.

Club Events

  • Members are asked to make reservations for Club events.
  • Reservations may be cancelled, at no charge, if:
    1. cancellation is received two business days before the event.
    2. the event does not include a ticket purchased by The Club.
  • Fees associated with ticketed events (e.g., concerts, theater, sports, and tours) are non-refundable.
  • Reservations for special holiday meals are non-refundable if cancellation is past deadline or a Member does not honor the reservation.
  • Cancellations or no-shows for Interclub events held at other clubs are subject to the host clubs cancellation policy. The Cornell Club-New York will not incur charges for a Member.

Dress Code

  • Appropriate dress is mandatory at all times in The Club.
  • Smart casual dress includes: collared shirts, slacks, blue jeans, sneakers, and knee-length shorts.
  • Not permitted: t-shirts, athletic apparel, flip flops, torn/tattered jeans, and ball/casual caps.
  • Dining Rooms/Meeting Rooms/Business Center/Andrew Dickson White Room: Smart casual attire is required at all times. Business attire is always welcome.
  • The Health & Fitness Center: Appropriate sneakers, t-shirts, shorts, or sweats are the only acceptable gym attire.


  • Members and guests are expected to follow Club house rules.
  • Members may not use The Club address, telephone number, or logo on business stationery.
  • Members may not use The Club name in written communication with the press or the general public.
  • Information from the membership roster, including names, telephone numbers, and addresses, is for the exclusive use of The Club management.
  • Others may not employ this information for any form of solicitation.
  • Members and guests may not bring food or beverages into The Club or arrange for deliveries.
  • The Cornell Club does not accept mail or packages for Members or guests.
  • Members are not permitted to photograph any area of the Clubhouse.
  • Members are expected to vouch for the conduct of their guests.
  • The General Manager or Manager-in-Charge is charged to notify Members and guests if they violate Club rules and/or engage in disorderly conduct.
  • The General Manager, Manager-in-Charge, or the supervisor of the area where a violation occurs is authorized to take appropriate action to monitor improper conduct in the Club. This includes ejection of Members and guests.
  • The General Manager or Manager-in-Charge will report violations to the House Committee and Board of Directors.


  • Cash payments for Club services are not permitted. Membership cards must be presented, and all charges must be signed for with signature on file and correct account number.
  • There is a service charge levied on all food and beverage charges at an amount set by the Board of Directors. All charges are subject to New York State tax, currently 8.875%.
  • Dues billing will be on a quarterly basis, unless annual billing is requested.
  • Fiscal Quarters are defined as follows:
    • 1st Quarter: July 1st - September 30th
    • 2nd Quarter: October 1st - December 31st
    • 3rd Quarter: January 1st - March 31st
    • 4th Quarter: April 1st - June 30th
  • The Club operates on a July 1st to June 30th fiscal year.
  • After the first day of each month, statements will be mailed to Members showing charges owed to The Club. This amount is payable upon receipt and no later than the end of the month in which the bill is sent. Vouchers will not accompany bills. Please contact the accounting department if you do not receive your statement.
  • When remitting payment, please indicate on your return statement the portion dedicated to house charges and to dues. Note your membership number on your check.
  • The General Manager may, in his discretion, fix a limit on house charges for any individual Member or guest.
  • A late payment fee for a delinquent balance will be levied after the end of the month that the bill is sent and each month thereafter until payment is made.
  • Members whose accounts are ninety days past due and who have not made payment arrangements will be suspended. Suspension means that the Member will have no use of Club privileges until either the account is current or payment arrangements have been made.
  • No suspended Member or former Member whose membership had been suspended for good cause shall be allowed to use The Club facilities or attend functions at The Club, whether or not he or she is escorted by a Member in good standing. A Member in good standing who knowingly escorts such a suspended Member may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be subject to sanction.
  • Members may request, for an additional fee, signing privileges for spouses/partners. Members are responsible for the payment of all charges incurred by family members.


  • Request for resignation from The Club (and from the Health & Fitness Center) or change in membership status must be made in writing. A Member is responsible for dues through the quarter following written notification of request to resign.

Smoking (pipes and cigars included)

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in The Club.

Business Papers, Equipment, Laptops and Cell Phones

  • The discreet display and/or use of business papers and hand-held computer instruments is permitted in the Lobby, Tap & Grill, and Andrew Dickson White Room. Full use of business papers is confined to the Business Center and private meeting rooms.
  • The display and use of computers and other business equipment (including audible pagers) is confined to the Lobby, Business Center, private meeting rooms, guest rooms, and telephone booths.
  • Cell phones: Upon entering the Clubhouse, Members and guests should set cell phones and the like to silent/vibrate mode.
  • Cell phone usage is permitted in the Business Center and phone vestibule on the first floor, in the stairwells, and other private areas of The Club.
  • Cell phones are not permitted in any public space in The Club. This includes the Lobby, dining rooms, Andrew Dickson White Room, and the Health & Fitness Center.


  • Members and their guests using public rooms are asked to check coats, shopping bags, and umbrellas in the first floor checkroom.
  • These items should not be carried to dining rooms or the Andrew Dickson White Room.
  • The Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  • Closets on the fifth floor near meeting rooms may be used instead of the checkroom if your function is on that floor.

Reading Material

  • Newspapers, magazines, and books that belong to The Club are not to be cut, marked, or removed from the premises.


  • With the exception of Service Animals as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, animals are not allowed in The Club.

Complaints and Suggestions

  • Members and guests should not reprimand employees.
  • Complaints and suggestions in regard to service or Club operations should be submitted in writing to the General Manager or Chairman of the House Committee.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Employees are not permitted to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
  • No one under the age of 21 is permitted to sit or stand at the bar in the Tap & Grill.
  • No one under the age of 21 will be served alcoholic beverages. Any member of the staff of The Club may request proof of age.


  • Members and guests should not give money or gratuities to employees. A year-end holiday fund is available to Members for this purpose.

Guest Privileges

  • Guests without a Member host may use the dining facilities, the Health & Fitness Center, and meeting rooms if a guest card has been arranged in advance.
  • Members are responsible for charges incurred by guests.
  • Guests not accompanied by Members are limited to two visits per year.
  • Guests without a guest card must wait for Members in the Lobby.


  • Employees may not run errands outside The Club for Members and guests.
  • Children under the age of 17 require adult supervision.

Business Meetings/Private Events

  • Business meetings may not be held in the Lobby or the Andrew Dickson White Room.
  • To arrange for a meeting or a private event, Members should contact the Meetings & Events Department.
  • Only Club Members in good standing may sponsor meetings or events.