Where is The Cornell Club located within Manhattan?

In the heart of it all. At 6 East 44th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, The Club is conveniently located right in midtown. Accessible from almost all subway lines, Metro North, and only a short 15-minute walk from Amtrak and LIRR. Within just walking distance to Times Square and centrally located for all your traveling needs.

Does The Cornell Club have a parking facility?

Yes! The Club has a relationship with Quik Parking, located at 100 West 44th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. They offer our Members the price of $35 for 24-hour self-parking and $45 for 24-hour valet parking. Call 212.986.0300 with any questions.

Does The Cornell Club offer wireless internet access?

The Cornell Club offers complimentary wireless access throughout The Club including guest rooms. The wireless network is protected and requires a username and password that can be provided by the Front Desk.

May I have guests and/or family members use my membership at The Club?

The Club management and staff hope that Members of The Cornell Club-New York think of The Club as a home away from home. The Club welcomes any family members and guests to utilize The Club; each guest is permitted to visit twice per year without the Member present (all charges incurred will be billed to the Memberís account), and an unlimited number of times with the Member present. Contact The Club to arrange for a guest pass.

Where should my guests wait for me?

Guests will always be made to feel at home in the Lobby, however we do request that the Member is present prior to the guestís arrival. Notify the front desk if your guest may arrive before you.

Is The Cornell Club family-friendly?

Absolutely! The Club prides itself on bringing the familial feeling of the Cornell University campus to New York City. Membersí family and guests of all ages are welcome at The Club, and we are happy to provide accommodations and dining arrangements to suit.

Can my friend or colleague become a Member of The Cornell Club?

The Cornell Club welcomes applications for membership from Cornell University alumni, faculty, staff, and family members of Cornellians, as well as graduates of our affiliate schools and business associates of our Members. If you know someone who is interested in membership who is not affiliated with these categories, he or she can be sponsored to join as a Business Associate.

How do I handle concerns with other Members or employees?

The Club asks that you speak to a manager and allow management to address any concerns directly. If a manager is not available, the front desk can provide you with the managerís contact information.

Can I take pictures in The Club?

We ask that you do not take any pictures in The Club, as this is for the protection of your fellow Members.

What is the Clubhouse dress code?

Appropriate dress is mandatory at all times in The Club. The Clubís dress code is Smart Casual, which includes: collared shirts, slacks, blue jeans, sneakers, and knee-length shorts. T-shirts, athletic apparel, flip flops, torn/tattered jeans, and ball/casual caps are not permitted. Business attire is always welcome. For the Health & Fitness Center, appropriate sneakers, t-shirts, shorts, or sweats are the only acceptable gym attire. The dress code is posted in the House Rules for your convenience.

Is smoking permitted in The Cornell Club?

No, The Cornell Club is a completely smoke-free facility.

What is the business/paperwork and cell phone policy at The Club?

The discreet display and/or use of business papers and hand-held computer instruments is permitted in the Lobby, Tap & Grill, and the Andrew Dickson White Room. Full use of business papers is confined to the Business Center and private meeting rooms. The display and use of computers and other business equipment is confined to the Lobby, Business Center, private meeting rooms, guest rooms, and telephone booths. Members and guests should set cell phones and similar devices to silent/vibrate mode. Cell phone usage is permitted in the Business Center and phone vestibule on the first floor, in the stairwells, and other private areas of The Club. Cell phones are not permitted in any public space in The Club, which includes the Lobby, dining rooms, Andrew Dickson White Room, and the Health & Fitness Center. Please refer to the House Rules for more information.


Does The Club have monthly food and beverage minimums?

No. We do not have monthly minimums.

Do you recycle in the kitchens?

Yes! As a matter of fact we have recycling bins in all kitchens and we utilize recycled products for our ďto-goĒ program.

Do you offer specialty menus that are celiac, vegan, vegetarian?

The Club is aware of dietary restrictions and has specialty menu items labeled in each of our dining rooms for your convenience. If you do not see an item to meet your needs, simply ask, we are eager to accommodate!

When do Lobster Night and Steak Night end?

These programs never end. Furthermore, pricing is constant and never adjusted to the market.

Why canít Members make a reservation for more than 10 people in the dining rooms?

This falls under the protection of fellow Members. We do not want any Member to enter the dining rooms and feel as if they are amongst a private party. As such, we request that larger groups arrange for a private dining room.

Can I bring a cake, presents, and place settings for someoneís birthday?

You can bring in your own cake but we ask that presents remain discreet. Place settings are appropriate in a private room. If you would like a private room for a special event, please contact the Meetings & Events Department at 212.692.1376.

Can I bring my own wine?

Yes, as long as it is not on our wine list. A corkage fee of $15 will be billed to your account.

Does The Club offer room service?

We do not offer room service.

May I pay with a credit card in the dining rooms?

No, charges in the dining room are posted to the Memberís membership account.


Do you need to be a Member to hold a private meeting or event?

Members may host an event or sponsor companies or individuals to hold an event under the Memberís account. As long as a Member sponsorship form is signed, the Member does not need to be present at the event.

Is food and beverage required to rent private space?

Yes. All private event spaces have a food and beverage minimum requirement associated with them. The amount is determined by the time frame of the event. Contact the Meeting & Events Department for more information.

Can an outside company be hired to cater an event?

As stated in the House Rules, outside food and beverage is not permitted in The Cornell Club.

What are the room capacities?

We have spaces appropriate for events of all sizes. Our smallest meeting rooms require a minimum of four guests, and our largest event space can accommodate up to 150 guests.


How do I join the Health & Fitness Center?

Get fit with us! As a Clubhouse Member, you are eligible to join the Health & Fitness Center. You can use the Fitness Center daily at $15 per visit, or you can join as a quarterly Member for $135 per quarter. To sign up, please visit the Health & Fitness Center on the sixth floor during operating hours to fill out an enrollment form and have your photograph taken. Once you sign up, you may begin using the Health & Fitness Center immediately. Your membership account will be charged for Health & Fitness dues.

Can I use the Health & Fitness Center if I am staying overnight?

The Health & Fitness Center is gratis for overnight guests.

Do you have a pool, sauna, or steam room?

No. The Club does, however, occasionally have classes such as Yoga and Relaxation. Quarterly Fitness Members are able to reserve squash courts at the Yale Club for an hourly fee.

What other services does the Health & Fitness Center offer?

A wide variety. It offers Nutritional Counseling, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy. Please contact the Health & Fitness Center for the prices of these services.

Guest Rooms

Is breakfast included with overnight stays?

With any overnight stay, The Club offers a complimentary buffet breakfast served in the Cayuga Room, our main dining room on the second floor. The breakfast buffet has a large assortment and you are free to invite guests for a minimal charge. There is also complimentary coffee and tea service served in the lobby from 7:00am-4:00pm, as well as single service coffee and tea machines in each overnight room.


I want to visit a reciprocal club. What do I do?

To visit a reciprocal club, you must contact the reciprocal club and make your arrangements directly with that club. After you have made your arrangements, you must contact The Cornell Club to send a letter of introduction on your behalf. Please note that all letters of introduction are sent either via email or fax directly to the reciprocal club, and they can only be sent within 30 days of your intended arrival date at a reciprocal club. You should make your arrangements as soon as possible, but letters of introduction cannot be sent more than 30 days before your visit.

What is a letter of introduction?

A letter of introduction is a form stating that a Member is in good standing and should therefore be allowed to use the facilities at a reciprocal club. They are mandatory for using a reciprocal club and are sent directly to the reciprocal club via fax or email. Members cannot visit a reciprocal club without having a letter of introduction sent on their behalf. Each letter is valid for 30 days once issued.

What are the room rates at the reciprocal clubs?

Because all of our reciprocal clubs are privately owned and operated, they have the right to determine and change their room rates. As such, The Cornell Club does not have reciprocal room rates on hand. Please contact the reciprocal club directly for the most up to date rate information.

I want to host an event at a reciprocal club. How do I do that?

Contact the reciprocal club and speak with someone in their catering or events department. Tell him or her that you are a Cornell Club-New York Member and you want to host an event there through our reciprocal relationship. Then please contact The Cornell Club with the name and email address or fax number of the person planning your event so that a letter of introduction may be sent to that club.

Am I allowed to bring guests with me to a reciprocal club?

You can bring guests with you to a reciprocal club as long as you are also present. You cannot sponsor guests to use reciprocal clubs.

Is there a fee for using a reciprocal club?

There is no fee for visiting a reciprocal club except whatever charges you incur while there. For example, most clubs charge a daily fee for using their fitness center so if you used those facilities while there you would be responsible for the fitness center charge.

How do I pay for using a reciprocal club?

The Club requires that you pay at the reciprocal club upon departure with a credit card. It is not our policy to allow Members to charge back to their Cornell Club account.


Am I allowed to bring guests to Club Programs?

Of course. Members can bring guests to all Club Programs. Guest charges are placed on the Memberís account.

Does my guest have to be an alumnus/na of Cornell or an affiliate school?

No. Members can bring family, friends, colleagues, and clients to Club Programs. Itís a great way to show off your Club!

Do Members bring clients to Club Programs?

Definitely. A wine tasting, winemakerís dinner, or lecture is a great way to entertain clients in an exclusive clubhouse setting. We are happy to provide you with a receipt for business purposes.

Do you have discounted theatre tickets?

Unfortunately, no. All orders for tickets go through a broker.

Do I need a reservation for Club Programs?

Yes. Our reservation/cancellation policy is as follows: The Cornell Club requires reservations for all events with fees. For events that require reservations, Members may cancel until two days before the day of the event without incurring a cancellation fee. Members who cancel after this two-day deadline are subject to a cancellation fee, and Members who do not show for an event will be charged. This cancellation policy does not apply to gratis events, such as lectures. All ticketed events (e.g., US Open, theatre, and museum and walking tours) are final sale at the time the reservation is made. Cancellations or no-shows for Interclub events held at other clubs are subject to full charge after the two-day deadline. Any exceptions to this cancellation policy will be noted in the description of the event in the newsletter.


What is the procedure for credit card auto-pay?

Members can pay membership dues and house charges automatically if they sign an autopayment form. To obtain this form please contact the accounting department at J.Alston@cornellclubnyc.com or 212.692.1371

Do I get a membership statement if I signed up for a credit card auto-payment?

Yes, unless youíve gone green. You will receive your monthly statement via mail with all charges and payments, unless you request to go paperless and check your statement online by accessing the member side of the website www.cornellclubnyc.com. Please inform The Club if you would like to go paperless, and you will only receive the newsletter each month by contacting David Dorin at D.Dorin@cornellclubnyc.com or 212.692.1374.

How do I utilize any house credits?

Dine, stay etc. House credits may be applied toward your meals, hotel charges, or any other services at The Club. House credits are not applicable towards membership dues and initiation/reinstatement fees.

When are dues and house charges billed?

Quarterly & Monthly. Dues are billed quarterly unless the Member indicates he or she prefers annual billing. House charges are billed monthly.