Webinar - The Real Story of Why the Original Yankees Dynasty Collapsed

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How Were the Mighty Fallen? The Real Story of Why the Original Yankees Dynasty Collapsed

From 1920-1964, 45 seasons, the New York Yankees dominated baseball, the longest dynasty in the history of North American sports.  Then—in the course of a single year—collapse.

Why did the Yankees suddenly go the way of all empires after winning for so long?  The answers are not what you thought.  Come hear Kevin Baker, author of the forthcoming history of New York City baseball, The New York Game, explain the real reasons why the dynasty ended.  A fascinating talk for Yankees haters and Yankees fans alike.

Baker is the author of five novels, most of them set in New York City's past, as well as the author or co-author of four books on history or current events, including, most recently, The Fall of a Great American City, New York and the Urban Crisis of Affluence, from Simon and Schuster and City Point Press.  He is a columnist and contributing editor at Harper's Magazine, and has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, and New York.  The winner of an American Book Award and a Guggenheim Fellowship, Baker has even  written (though not illustrated!) a graphic novel, and a memoir with Reggie Jackson.

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