Webinar - Coming Up Close to Homelessness with Cathy Small

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6:00 pm

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In 2008, a chance and unsettling encounter between anthropologist Cathy Small and a homeless veteran in a dog park began an unexpected seven-year journey into the lives of dozens of individuals who live on the streets or in the forest, in their cars or in shelters.  The result was a co-authored book The Man in the Dog Park, which offers the reader a rare window into the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Her presentation will highlight key insights that came out of her encounters, and share some of the experiences and stories that led her own perspective on homelessness to transform.

Her book, The Man in the Dog Park, is available on Amazon and Cornell University Press

Cathy Small is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University, where she taught cultural anthropology and served as Graduate Coordinator. Her ethnographic work, including three books, has focused on globalization and social change, on U.S. education, and recently on U.S. homelessness.  She is a National Science Foundation supported scholar for her work in the computer modeling of social systems and a recipient of the national Praxis award for her work in applied anthropology. She currently teaches vipassana meditation in her community and at the county jail.

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