The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do - Museum of Jewish Heritage Tour

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The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust's exhibition The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do is an expansive and timely presentation of Holocaust history told through personal stories, objects, photos, and film – many on view for the first time. The 12,000-square-foot exhibition features over 1,250 original objects and survivor testimonies from the Museum's collection. The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do is a representation of this global story through a local lens, rooted in the objects donated by survivors and their families, many of whom settled in New York and nearby places.

The Museum's mission is to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the broad tapestry of Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust. There are countless beginnings, middles, and too many endings that make up the stories of The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do. Each room, and each object, contains generations of experiences and information about who Jews are, what sustains Jewish communities, and what life was like during the period of European modernization, World War I, and the political and social movements that brought about the rise of the Nazi Party. Within the Holocaust's experiences of legalized racism and fascism, pogroms, ghettos, mass murder, and concentration camps are also instances of personal and global decision-making, escape, resistance and resilience, and ultimately liberation and new beginnings.

2:00pm tour, $20 per person.  Advance Registration due by Friday, April 26th at which point it is final sale.