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Please note that this event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date. More details to follow.

Kevin Scott, Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer, relevant and upcoming book, Reprogramming the American Dream: From Rural America to Silicon Valley―Making AI Serve Us All. Kevin discusses how AI can realistically be used to promote growth and can be an overwhelmingly positive thing for ALL Americans, and not just for the urban innovative centers.

Kevin both grew up in rural communities and are invested in bringing opportunities and growth back to those areas of the country. Kevin says, "I left the rural South over two decades ago, first for academia and then for Silicon Valley and the tech industry. At my core I am those people - rural people- and I care about creating a future that values them and their resourcefulness."

There are two prevailing stories about AI: for heartland low- and middle-skill workers, a dystopian tale of steadily increasing job destruction; for urban knowledge workers and the professional class, a utopian tale of enhanced productivity and convenience. But there is a third way to look at this technology that will revolutionize the workplace and ultimately the world. Kevin Scott argues that AI has the potential to create abundance and opportunity for everyone and help solve some of our most vexing problems.

As the chief technology officer at Microsoft, he is deeply involved in the development of AI applications, yet mindful of their potential impact on workers - knowledge he gained firsthand growing up in rural Virginia. Yes, the AI Revolution will radically disrupt economics and employment for everyone for generations to come. But what if leaders prioritized the programming of both future technology and public policy to work together to find solutions ahead of the coming AI epoch? Like public health, the space program, climate change and public education, we need international understanding and collaboration on the future of AI and work. For Scott, the crucial question facing all of us is this: How do we work to ensure that the continued development of AI allows us to keep the American Dream alive? In this thoughtful, informed guide, he offers a clear roadmap to find the answer.

For anyone wanting to understand what the impact of AI will be upon them, this will be a critical event with one of the leaders driving AI that will be affecting us all.

Each paid attendee will also receive a hardcopy of Kevin Scott's upcoming book in addition to attending the interview.

6:00pm reception, 6:30pm interview. $35 per person, includes a copy of "Reprogramming the American Dream: From Rural America to Silicon Valley―Making AI Serve Us All." Advance reservations required by Friday, April 3rd, at which time they are considered final sale.