Webinar Series: An Introduction to Private Middle to High School Admissions

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Navigating the Public and Private School Admissions: 
a 3-part series to guide families in middle and high school applications 

One of the biggest issues for families continues to be the upset in children's learning as a result of the pandemic. Whether at school or online, education has entered uncharted waters. Some families may find themselves unexpectedly seeking different educational options for their children. Others, already planning school changes, suddenly are facing different procedures and concerns than in usual times. Where do families begin when they are considering a change of school for their children? 

The Cornell Club of New York is ready with experts to help! Our speakers will share proven strategies for parents to support their children in school choices and applications, as well as key tips and guides to those considering applying out – whether to public or private schools

Attendees are invited to register for any or all of the presentations.

Wednesday, April 27th at 7:00-8:00 pm EDT: "An Introduction to Private Middle to High School Admissions" Presentation and Q&A by Krista Peterson and Evie Gurney

Choosing to apply to middle- or high school can be a daunting process: Which school is the best fit for your child and your family? Should you limit your search to local options or consider boarding school? From finding time for test prep to writing the admissions essay, from conjuring up a school list to crunching tuition figures, the school admissions process is fraught with big questions and challenges – especially given the changes and disruptions of the pandemic. The Cornell Club is thrilled to have two terrific experts – in both boarding schools and NYC independent schools – together to address these topics and more!

Krista Peterson is a College and Secondary School Admission Consultant with College Goals, an educational consulting firm founded and directed by a former longtime Brown University Dean. Krista brings many years' experience as an independent school admission associate, as well as a college advisor. Now an independent educational consultant working with boarding school and college applicants, Krista brings tremendous insight and range to advising students and parents. collegegoals.com

Evie Gurney is School Advisor for the Parents League, New York City's prime and longtime esteemed independent schools organization, counselling families applying to private schools, as well as public, parochial and boarding schools. Evie specializes in middle and high school admissions. Previously, Evie was Director of High School Placement at Bank Street School for Children, where she annually placed dozens of eighth grade students at a wide range of high schools. parentsleague.org

If you have questions you are thinking of already, please send them to us in advance, so our experts can use them to guide their presentations! Please send your questions to Karen Berlin Ishii at [email protected], indicating for which presentation they are intended.

7:00pm EDT webinar, gratis. Advance registration required. Registrants will receive the link to join the webinar in the confirmation email.

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