The Tour About Nothing: A New York Walking Tour of Seinfeld

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12:00 pm

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The summer of George is over ...Yada yada yada...  So what?  It's a Festivus for the rest of us...Can't spare a square? No problem, come on this West Side walking tour of Seinfeld spots referred to in the show. Not interested in this tour? Remember, if every instinct you have had up to now is wrong, then the opposite must be right!  This tour is real and it's spectacular. Giddy-up!

12:00pm-2:00pm tour. $30 per person. Advance reservations required by Friday, May 20th at which time they are considered final sale. Participants should be fully vaccinated and mask wearing is encouraged. The group will meet in front of Ethical Culture School on Central Park West between 63rd Street and 64th Street. Subway: 1 train to Lincoln Center/66th St.