The Secret to Getting Along and Why It's Easier Than You Think with Gabrielle Hartley '92

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6:00 pm

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The Secret to Getting Along and Why It's Easier Than You Think, endorsed as a Must-Read by Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, Adam Grant, and Susan Cain's Next Big Idea Book Group unlocks the potential for better relationships with just three simple steps for conflict resolution.

Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives, but it doesn't have to be a negative force. In fact, when managed effectively, conflict can strengthen human relationships and promote personal growth. Join attorney and mediation expert Gabrielle Hartley as she shares her wealth of experience in divorce mediation and reveals the secret to resolving conflicts that ultimately lead to stronger bonds and better outcomes for everyone involved.

Don't miss this exclusive fireside chat with Gabrielle Hartley (Cornell '92) as she unveils the key to improving relationships in all aspects of your life, from navigating household disagreements to setting boundaries with difficult family members and dealing with toxic coworkers.

About Gabrielle Hartley: Gabrielle is a nationally recognized online mediator, divorce attorney, co-chair of the American Bar Association Mediation Committee, TEDx Speaker, and author of the acclaimed book "Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate." Her upcoming book, "The Secret to Getting Along and Why It's Easier Than You Think," is set to release this May. Gabrielle also shares her insights in her weekly newsletter, The Conflict Code, and is frequently quoted as a media expert in the peaceful divorce realm, appearing in The New York Times, Vice, WNYC, Forbes, Psychology Today, and more.

Joining Gabrielle for this illuminating fireside chat is Susan Guthrie, Vice Chair of the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section and host of The Divorce and Beyond Podcast.

Secure your spot at this must-attend event and unlock the secret to stronger, more fulfilling relationships today!

6:00pm reception; 6:30pm lecture, gratis. Advance registrations required.  Copies of her book will be available for sale at the event.