Justice, Evidence, Urgency: GMOs in a Changing World with an Introduction by Alan Alda

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6:00 pm

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Many feel that science is under attack across the globe as well-networked movements challenging scientific expertise are now a serious threat to human well-being, particularly the poor.

An innovative Cornell University program, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is working to reverse that trend. By effectively changing the conversation around crop biotechnology, the Cornell Alliance for Science is ensuring social justice for smallholder farmers in the developing world.  We invite you to meet Alliance for Sciences' passionate director, Dr. Sarah Evanega, and three of its international science champions who will share inspiring success stories about advances in agriculture, food security, and evidence-based policies from their distinct corners of the world.

6:00-6:30pm cocktail reception
formal program with introduction by Alan Alda

7:45pm Attendees are invited to continue the conversation with our presenters over dinner.
$45 per person features a three course dinner and one glass of wine.

We have recently updated our registration system. Registration for the post-program dinner is on a separate event page.  Please click here to access the page.