Achievement Made Simple: How To Live More On Your Game

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6:00 pm

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Why do so many of us feel we achieve below our potential? 

Up to 80% of us in fact – from CEO's, physicians and successful entrepreneurs to teachers, Uber drivers and digital media analysts. We rate our achievement a six on a 1-10 scale. This shows that even in today's world of great freedom and potential, peak personal achievement remains elusive for the vast majority of us.

Relying on 20 years of primary research, Marcy Axelrod '92 explains this phenomenon, and provides time tested tools for us to reclaim peak competency. Her award-winning book, On Your Game!, has received strong praise from professors at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Cornell. She has been interviewed for NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, in addition to Forbes Magazine.

During the workshop Marcy will explain our innate achievement process, why it works, what blocks us from applying it, when and why. We'll then use the "Game Board", a simple framework to trigger our innate achievement process, and will come away with a clear understanding and skill base to achieve more.

6:00pm reception; 6:30pm lecture, gratis. Advanced registrations required.

Members and one guest per member are invited to dine at The Club with the speaker following the lecture. Please click here to access the post program dinner registration page.