Alumni of Cornell University

All Cornell Alumni are eligible for membership in The Cornell Club-New York. Alumni shall include undergraduate and advance degree holders, matriculants whose classes have graduated or who were candidates for advanced degrees.

Scroll down to view your dues category. Dues are based on undergraduate year (regardless of whether or not that was Cornell) and where you live and work. These categories are defined below.

If you were a Member of The Cornell Club in the past and would like to reinstate your membership, please click the reinstatement application link for a downloadable, reinstatement application. After completion, please fax (212.986.9543), scan and email ( or mail the application to us.

Cornell Alumni Membership Annual Dues & Fees

Years out of College* Resident Suburban Non-Resident
Less than four $313 $166 $146
Four-Six $472 $244 $205
Seven-Nine $704 $366 $295
Ten-Eleven $1,034 $544 $425
Twelve or more $1,549 $786 $628
* Years since graduation from undergraduate institution, whether or not it was Cornell University

Resident: Employment or residence is within Manhattan.

Suburban: Employment or residence is within a 50-mile radius of Columbus Circle and applicant does not work or reside in Manhattan.

Non-Resident: Both residence and employment are beyond a 50-mile radius of Columbus Circle.

The Initiation Fee is 100% of the first year’s dues and is a one-time, non-refundable fee, in addition to the first year’s dues.

Where applicable, the Reinstatement Fee is 50% of the first year’s dues and is a one-time, non-refundable fee.

All dues, Club charges and the Initiation Fee (and Reinstatement Fee, where applicable) are subject to New York Sales Tax, currently 8.875%.